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New Location & Expansion - Big Things are Happening!


VIVA TUBES is so excited to announce that we have moved to a new location that is double the size of our last at 7000 square feet. We are now located in the vibrant and art/music centered city of Easthampton, MA. Our new building, the Brickyard is located next to the well-known Eastworks building and houses a music studio, 70 practicing musicians and two Breweries with full bars. 

Currently we are operating out of the warehouse and are building out offices and a retail space. Within the next few months our retail shop will open, where anyone can come and shop both our vintage stock and our New Production stock. We are also expanding our product line and will start carrying amplifiers, guitars and more!

We are so happy to be a part of this thriving business community. There are hundreds of small businesses located in these buildings and events on an almost daily basis. 

Here are some pictures of the progress on the new space!

This door leads straight down 4 floors and was originally used to hoist materials up to the 4th floor of the mill!

Soon to be replaced with a giant window!

Randy Miller's 6T9 Compactron DIY Audio Tube Amplifier

A big thanks to Randy Miller for submitting his 6T9 DIY audio amplifier project. Randy Miller's 6T9 Tube Amplifier you will find a complete write up and schematic to build his amplifier using the uncommon 6T9 compactron tube.

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Get up to $25 in store credit by writing an article for Viva Tubes

VIVA TUBES needs your help. Earn a store credit for writing an article or review for us! We want to add a learning resource for beginners and experts alike on our website. Looking for those knowledgeable in the tube or audio fields to contribute. We need people to write articles, write-ups, tube reviews, guides etc. [...]

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Now selling New Production tubes Guide Key Savers & Socket Switchers

I am very pleased to announce that VIVA TUBES is now carrying New Production tubes as well as a few other new products. Over the course of the next few months we will be carrying all of the popular brands and models of New Production tubes like JJ, Electr-Harmonix, Sovtek, Mullard, Tung-Sol, Genalex, TAD, Svetlana, [...]

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Welcome to the brand new website!

Hello,Today I am very proud and excited to give to you our brand new website. This is quite an upgrade from our last website which was essentially just an online business card. Our entire eBay inventory of 4000+ products are now listed here. We offer cheaper shipping here on the web store than on eBay as [...]

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