Matched Pair Tung-Sol USA 5U4G Black Plate Vacuum Tubes Test = 52/44 & 52/46

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Tube Type / Number: 5U4G
Actual Brand*: Tung-Sol
Printed Brand: Tung-Sol
Quantity: 2 Pieces-Matched Pair
Matching Date Codes? No
Plate Construction: Black Ribbed
Getter Construction: Bottom []
Country of Manufacture: USA
Visible Date Codes: 3224463-3 & 322452-3
Lettering Condition: 90 Percent
Number of Mica Spacers: 2
Mica Shape: Half Round Saw Half Smooth
Smoked Glass? Clear
Engraved Base? No
Boxes (always included): All WB/Generic
Tested For & Matched By: Emissions

Gm Test Results: 52/44 & 52/46

Minimum Good Value: 40/40
NOS Test Value: 50/50
Life Calculation: Test Result: 52/44 & 52/46 (life calculation does not apply for rectifiers)% (where 65% = fail)

Tests as NOS?: No
True NOS?*: No

** Please note, many tubes will test NOS but will actually have a few hours of use on them. A truly NOS tube will have excellent getter flashing condition, no dirt/grime, usually in the original box, and no filament deposits. If a tube is listed  as "tests NOS" but is listed as "not True NOS" please expect the tube to have a small amount of use *

All tubes have been tested using only the best tube testers. We have a large fleet of tube testers, and every single one of them has been calibrated within the last year by industry experts. We mainly use the Hickok TV-7D/U, but occasionally we may use a Hickok 539, 533A, or 600A.


All of our tubes are 100% guaranteed to arrive as described, test as described and to be void of any sound defects. We offer a 30 day return window from the day you receive the item.

PLEASE NOTE - While we accept returns for basically any fault, we DO NOT accept returns for buyer's remorse which includes buyers who decide they don't like the subjective tonal signature of a tube. We have had people exploit our generous return policy to tube roll on our dime so we have a strict policy against this behavior.

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