New Factory Matched Pair Psvane ACME 211 Vacuum Tubes

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New Factory Matched Pair (2 pcs) Psvane ACME 211 Vacuum Tubes

The Psvane ACME series is their newest and most high end series available. In fact, these are the best current production tubes in the world. Over five years of R&D went into the development of this line and it shows down to every detail. This series was released shortly after Psvane released their Western Electric replica series with the intent on making a BETTER tube than the flagship Western Electric tubes. Somehow, they achieved this; it only takes a few minutes of listening on a high-end system to hear the difference.

These tubes are hand-crafted with only the finest materials. Several components have actually been specially 3D printed. Even the solder, which is hand-done, is from Germany. Not only are these the richest and detailed sounding tubes your ears will ever hear, they’re absolutely gorgeous down to every detail. These are so high end and so guarded by the factory that the serial number is actually printed on a plate on the inside of the tube to prevent counterfeiting.

These tubes are made with a special Teflon core with expert filament processing technology. It’s hard to get any better than original Western Electric, but Psvane gives them a good run for their money. Find out what all the buzz is about today!

 Testing and/or Matching

Tested and/or matched and prepackaged at the Psvane factory by PLATE CURRENT (Ip) ONLY. Gm testing and matching is not available but we do guarantee that the Gm will measure up to at least the bogey (standard) value of a 300B. 


We offer a special extended 1 year guarantee (from the date of receipt) on these tubes.

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Warranty Information

1 year guarantee upon receipt
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Additional Information

211,211A,211 ACME
Brand New
Item Type:
Vacuum Tubes
Production Era:
New/Current Production
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