New In Box Gain Matched Quad 4 JJ Electronics Tesla 12AX7 ECC83-S Vacuum Tubes

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We are an authorized JJ Electronics (formerly Tesla) dealer. We sell A grade quality stock, not factory seconds like many other sellers. 

Brand New In Box Gain Matched Quad (4 pieces) JJ ECC83-S / 12AX7 Vacuum Tubes

The JJ ECC83-S / 12AX7 is possibly the most popular 12AX7 ever made. There is a reason major brands like Fender and Marshall come with these stock, they're a bargain and excellent quality. Suitable for audio or guitar. ECC83 is the European designation for this tube, ECC83 and 12AX7 are identical tubes. These look different than typical 12AX7s and the reason is because they were redesigned several times by JJ until they got them perfect. These are especially low noise with their unique plate design with plenty of gain.
Testing & Matching

Double-tested and matched by Gm and Gain. Tested for Shorts, Leaks, Gas at real world voltages on a Maxi-Matcher Preamp & Hickok TV-7 tube tester. Guaranteed to test at or above new / nos values. 

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