New Ip Matched Pair Psvane 211 HiFi Series Vacuum Tubes

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New Ip Matched Pair (2 pcs) Psvane 211 HiFi Vacuum Tubes

 This is one of the best (and also one of few) 211 tubes on the market today. This is a true 211 that can handle high plate voltages of up to 1250 volts. These tubes feature direct-heated thorium tungsten cathodes. Psvane tubes are known for their incredible sound quality and reliability offering one of the best warranties in the business at 1 year.

 The HiFi series from Psvane is their budget line which was launched to compete with the now defunct Shuguang Corporation. The craftsmanship that Psvane provides is miles beyond anything that Shuguang ever offered. These tubes are aesthetically beautiful and sound glorious with an accurate and slightly warm tone. This is one of Psvane’s most popular tubes, find out why today!

 Testing and/or Matching

Tested and/or matched at the Psvane factory by PLATE CURRENT (Ip) ONLY. Gm testing and matching is not available but we do guarantee that the Gm will measure up to at least the bogey (standard) value of a 211. We always TRY to match by 5% when we can (90% of them time) but our cut-off matching parameter is +/- 15%.


We offer a special extended 1 year guarantee (from the date of receipt) on these tubes.

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Warranty Information

1 year guarantee upon receipt
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Additional Information

211, 211A
Brand New
Item Type:
Vacuum Tubes
Production Era:
New/Current Production
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