New Matched Sextet (6) Svetlana 6550C / KT88 Winged C Reissue Vacuum Tubes

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New Plate Current Matched Octet of Svetlana 6550C Vacuum Tubes

An excellent true 6550 that'll make your amp sing. These are known for their robust quality and classic American 6550 tone.


Winged C? SED? Svetlana? What?
A note about the confusing history of SED, Svetlana and Winged C. These tubes were made by the New Sensor Corporation in the Reflektor plant in Russia. These tubes are reissues of the original pre 2003 SED/Winged C tubes and were not made in the same factory as the originals. They are made in the Reflektor plant by New Sensor along with other brands like Sovtek, Tung-Sol, Genalex and Mullard. New Sensor makes them almost the same with extremely minor differences. You would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two in a blind test. 
In 2003, New Sensor won the rights to the Svetlana name and started producing tubes under that name that were near copies of the originals. As the original manufacturer was struggling with a failing business, their quality dropped and the later Winged C tubes are known to have severe quality control issues. The original Winged C tubes are priced highly only because you can't get them any longer. 
So to summarize, these are reissues of the original SED / Winged C tubes. We use all three brand names because many people only know these tubes as one brand while at certain points all three were made. There really are only two versions, the originals made in the St Petersburg factory, and the reissues made in the Reflektor factory.  The originals were made under the SED, Svetlana and Winged C names. The reissues use a the original stylized S logo and are branded Svetlana.
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12AU7 / ECC82
Brand New
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Vacuum Tubes
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New/Current Production
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