NOS Ip Tested Vintage Soviet 6L6GC 6P3S Vacuum Tube Russia USA Seller

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NOS Ip Matched Vintage Soviet 6L6GC 6P3S Vacuum Tubes Russia USA Seller

These vintage Russian power tubes are a steal. The 6P3S is the Russian designation for the 6L6GC. The two are the same tube and are 100% compatible. These sweet tubes are essentially an older version of the modern Sovtek tube. They were made in the same Refleklor factory using the same materials and data sheets. These are even better because they were made on government contacts in the 70's, 80's and 90's and were built to military spec.
Why pay for the name? These are the same quality as new production tubes but with  a vintage flavor.
These come with generic white boxes. They were bulk-packed and never came with a box but we guarantee that they are true NOS.

Testing & Matching

Double-tested for Gm, Ip, Shorts, Leaks, Gas on a Triplett 3444, Space-Tech Easy Tube Tester or Maxi-Matcher. All of these testers bring tubes up to their full operating voltage and also check for plate current (Ip) as well as General Mutual Transconductance (Gm). 
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