Testing Service

Have us test your personal stock for just $3 per tube. Available for local customers only. 

142 Pleasant St | Suite 402 | Easthampton, MA 01027.




All vacuum tubes have been checked on the best equipment possible. We have all of our testers regularly calibrated and maintained. We only use the best mix of new and old technology to test tubes. Certain tube types require different types of testers, and the parameters of what we can test are dependent upon the types of tubes you’ve brought to us. Given the unreliable nature of vacuum tubes and their tendency to randomly develop issues, we do not guarantee the accuracy of our test results but will gladly re-test a tube if you find one that we passed is not functioning.

We are not liable for any damage caused by your equipment even if a tube passed all tests. As any tech will tell you, tube testers are at best guessing machines, and they cannot find every fault that may arise.

We use the following professional grade testers on our tubes: Digital Maxi Matcher Power Tube Tester, Digital Maxi Matcher Preamp Tube Tester, Triplett 3444, Hickok TV-7, Hickok 600A, Hickok 533A, Mighty Mite, Digital Space-Tech Easy Tube Tester 2.0.

We are unable to test tubes while you wait; typical turnaround time is 3-5 business days.

Preamp Tubes: Typically tested for shorts, leakage, gain and Gm

Power Tubes: Typically tested for shorts, leakage and plate current

Rectifier Tubes: Typically tested for shorts and emissions

RF, Voltage Regulars and other types of tubes: Typically tested for shorts, leakage and Gm, emissions or gas