True NOS 1944 Matched Pair (2) RCA Black Plate VT-107A / JAN-CRC-6V6GT Tubes

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True NOS NIB 1944 Current Matched Pair (2) RCA Black Plate VT-107A / JAN-CRC-6V6GT Vacuum Tubes

These are absolutely stunning. Perfect NOS NIB tubes imported from abroad, made in the USA and now they're back in the USA! We were the first to open them for testing only. These are genuine holy grail RCA Black Plate VT-107A / JAN-CRC-6V6GT vacuum tubes. Some are labeled just VT-107A, some are labeled JAN-CRC-6V6GT. Other than that the entire batch are identical. They were made in 1944, based on the date codes. Please note, while these did come in their original boxes, we discarded them because they were too moldy / dirty. The tubes themselves were not affected but we did not feel right giving our customers moldy boxes. These come with generic white boxes but are true NOS and would be NOS NIB if the boxes were usable. 

Testing & Matching

Double-tested & matched for Gm, Gain, Shorts, Leaks, Gas on a Triplett 3444, Space-Tech Easy Tube Tester or Maxi-Matcher. All of these testers bring tubes up to their full operating voltage and also check for plate current (Ip) as well as General Mutual Transconductance (Gm). 
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