True NOS Ip Matched Quad Soviet Russia 6P14P-K EL84 6BQ5 Tubes

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True NOS Matched Quad (4 pieces matched) Soviet Russia 6P14P-K EL84 6BQ5 Vacuum Tubes

These 6P14P-K tubes were made in Soviet Russia and are brand new, found in military bulk-packs. The 6P14P-K is a rare variant of the EL84 / 6P14P tube. The K designation was designed specifically for low vibration / noise and for use in audio applications. There are many varieties but this is the most musical version of the 6P14P.

Buy them from us, right here in the USA - No need to wait months buying overseas.

Generic white boxes are included with these tubes. 

Testing & Matching

Fully tested and/or matched by Gm & Plate Current (Ip) on a modern Maxi Matcher tube tester. Checked for common faults like shorts. This is the best and only way to truly test a tube. 

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