True NOS Matched Pair (2) RFT Germany ECC85 / 6AQ8 6N1P Grey Plate Vacuum Tubes

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True NOS Matched Pair (2) RFT Germany ECC85 / 6AQ8 Grey Plate Vacuum Tube

These fantastic RFT Germany ECC85 / 6AQ8 tubes have a great warm sound and are a great affordable NOS tube. Made in Germany with Gray Plates and O getters. These come with original blank white boxes. We tested and/or matched these by Gm using a fully calibrated Hickok TV-7 tube tester. True NOS & guaranteed to test and look as such. Lettering is fading a bit, most of the logos are only about 50%.

While these aren't exact replacements, they will work in place of 6N1P, 6DJ8 and 6922 in MOST circuits but not all.

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