Tube Industry Update

To our dearest customers - thank you for sticking with us.

The past 2.5 years have been tough for the tube industry. It started with Covid19 and we are still dealing with the fallout from the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. That said, things have improved a bit but it's still difficult to get tubes in any sort of large capacity. And some brands and models are still unavailable.

Stock levels will continue to remain touch & go although we've been able to keep 75% of our products in stock throughout this. We're in even better shape now, but things can change at any time

We have been  able to supply some of the world's largest amplifier brands with tubes on a regular basis. Bulk sales are only considered for other businesses as we're all trying to keep food on the table.

Prices have doubled or more across the board and from all vendors due to manufacturer increases. It's unfortunate  and we know that many of you are feeling it. We still have some affordable options though and will be adding an affordable category in the coming weeks. 

We are still only offering email support. You are welcome to leave us a voicemail and we will try to call you back but no promises. We will always respond via email. Unfortunately we're all stretched thin with managing inventory and other challenges. 

All in all, things are improving slowly but surely, and again, thank you to all of our wonderful customers - we wouldn't be here without you. 

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