Zenith USA 6GH8A Gray Plate Top O Angled GTR Vacuum Tube 6GH8 85%

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Matched, Tested & Guaranteed Vacuum Tubes

All tubes are guaranteed to be 100% as described or your money back. All tubes have been tested for mutual transconductance, shorts, leaks, gas and noise on my calibrated Hickok TV-7/U.

Any pair of quad described as matched means that the tubes will have the same exact construction and will test within a close range of each other for Mutual Transconductance. The last criteria is date codes, which I do match when possible.

Actual Brand: Zenith
Printed Brand: Zenith
Type: 6GH8A
Number of Tubes: Single
Plate Construction: Gray
Getter Construction: Top O Angled
Country: USA
Visible Date Codes:
Lettering Condition: Completely Rubbed Off
Box Included: None
Tests NOS: No
Actual NOS (Some Tubes Test NOS but have a few hours on them): No
Notes: Please note, these tubes tend to test strangly on my Hickok TV-7, chances are that they are better that the test results
Mutual Transconductance (Gm) Test Data: 52/40 where the minimum good value is 26/30 and the New Old Stock (NOS) value is 40/47 or 85% of what a new tube should test


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