Type 10 - Type 45 - Type 50

Type 10 - Type 45 - Type 50

Shop our selection of these wonderful antique power triode tubes including type 10, type 45, type 50, type 71A, VT-25, VT-62, 801A, 10Y. These are all very rare and very sought-after tubes. Please note, all of the tubes in this category are similar in design and rating but are not usually interchangeable. See our list of substitutes below:

Type 10: 10, UX210A, UX410A, CX310, VT-25, 801A, 10Y, VT-62

Type 45: CX345, UX245, 445. Note, the 71A is essentially a low power version of the 45 and cannot replace 45 though a 45 can replace a 71A.

Type 50: VT-50, CX350, 585, 586

There are no products listed under this category.

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