New Linlai E-6SN7 Globe-Balloon Black Plates Vacuum Tube

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New Gain Tested Linlai E-6SN7 Globe Shaped Vacuum Tube

Linlai is a small but growing premier manufacturer of vacuum tubes. Spun off from the well respected Psvane, Linlai took some of their best engineers with them and it shows. This is an absolutely magnificent tube. It is the very first antique style globe preamp tube available in the modern market and we aren't sure why it took this long. The glass makes for the smoothest transmission of electrons possible which translates to mind-bogglingly good tone. Pair that with black plates and gold-clad pins, it's hard to find anything that even comes close. 

Note - These tubes are much taller and wider than a typical 6SN7 and will only fit in amplifiers with large tube slots and ample vertical space. 

Testing and/or Matching

Tested and/or matched at full operating voltage with regulated power supply on a MaxiPreamp tester for both gain (Mu) and general mutual transconductance (Gm). Our goal is to match within 5% with an upper limit of 10% (15% is the industry limit to consider a set).

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