New Matched Pair (2) Psvane 6SN7 Hifi Black Plates Vacuum Tubes

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New Gain Matched Pair of Psvane 6SN7 Hifi Vacuum Tubes

A classically styled and handcrafted 6SN7 from Psvane for high fidelity audio amplification. This tube features vintage-style black plates and shouldered glass. These features give it a closer sound to the CV181 or 6F8G which are both prized tubes. Excellent highs, smooth mids and nice extended bass. 

A note on Psvane packaging & testing

You are most likely familiar with seeing Psvane tubes sold in proprietary Psvane packaging, factory tested, and/or matched in pre-made sets. In order to provide a wider variety of sets (including singles), we hand-test and match all models that we carry in-house.

Extended Psvane Guarantee

We offer a full one-year guarantee covering functional defects - including noise. The guarantee period begins the day you receive your order.

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