New Matched Pair (2) TAD 7025 / E83CC-Cz /12AX7 High Grade Vacuum Tubes

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New Gain Matched Pair (2 pcs set) of Tube Amp Doctor 7025 / E83CC-Cz (12AX7 / ECC83) High Grade Vacuum Tubes

A specially selected tube for the emphasis of warm tones, lows, mids, overdrive and even highs. The A-Frame construction makes this an exceptionally low noise tubes, perfect for high gain applications.

Tested & screened for the following by TAD & double checked and/or matched by us. This tube was specially selected as high grade by TAD.

-      Low Noise Test

-      Microphonic Test

-      Gain Test

-      Sonic Tests

-      Shock Tests

-      Listening Tests

-      Balanced Output Test

Testing and/or Matching

Tested and/or matched at full operating voltage on a Maxi-Matcher Preamp tube tester for both Gain and General Mutual Transconductance (Gm). We always TRY to match by 5% when we can (90% of them time) but our cut-off matching parameter is +/- 15%.

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