New Matched Quad (4) Psvane KT88C Hifi Vacuum Tubes

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New Plate Current Matched Quad (4 pcs set) of Psvane KT88C Hifi (6550) Vacuum Tubes

As one of the most prominent audiophile vacuum tube manufacturers, Psvane’s designs have established a benchmark for clean and accurate sound reproduction. Along with a build quality that matches their sonic performance. Their Hi-Fi Series KT88C (6550) is well-regarded for its tremendous clarity and tonal warmth, ranging from low frequency to high. The KT88C replaces their previous iteration of KT88 in the Hifi Series. 

Testing and/or Matching

Tested and/or matched at full operating voltage on a Maxi-Matcher tube tester for both Ip (Plate Current) and Gm (General Mutual Transconductance). We always TRY to match by 5% when we can (90% of them time) but our cut-off matching parameter is +/- 15%.

A special note on factory matching

Psvane tubes are frequently sold only with factory matching or in proprietary Psvane packaging (ie. specially boxed Quads). We still screen, test, and match nearly all Psvane tubes ourselves in-house to our own high standards. This also allows us to offer them in different configurations such as matched trios or octets.

Extended Guarantee

We offer a full 1 year guarantee from the date of receipt which covers the basics like functionality as well as noise.



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