NOS Matched Pair Voskhod Rocket 6N2P-EV / EB SILVER SHIELD Vacuum Tubes

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NOS Gain Matched Pair (2 pieces) Voskhod Rocket 6N2P-EV / EB SILVER SHIELD Vacuum Tube

These are essentially the same tube as the famous 12AX7 but they have a different pinout and will require an adapter to run as 12AX7s. These Voskhods are some of the nicest we've ever seen. They came sealed in the original carton. They have silver shields which makes them quite rare. The 6N23P with silver shields is extremely sought after for their richer tone as I would expect with these as well. 
These came in a military bulk-pack, they are true NOS but do not have original boxes so we gave them white boxes.


Testing & Matching

Double-tested and matched by Gm & Gain at real world voltages on a Max-Matcher tube tester. Checked for Shorts, Leaks, Gas on a Hickok TV-7 tube tester.
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Additional Information

Item Type:
Vacuum Tubes
Production Era:
Vintage & NOS
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