NOS Matched Quad 6N8S 6H8C 6SN7GT Soviet Russia 2 Hole Plate Tubes

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NOS Matched Quad (4 pieces) 6H8C 6SN7GT Soviet Russia 2 Hole Plate Vacuum Tubes

The 6H8C is the legendary Soviet version of the 6SN7GT and will work in place of one. These are great sounding tubes with two T hole plates just like the desirable Sylvania bad boys. If you are looking for affordable vintage tone, look no further!

Buy them from us, right here in the USA - No need to wait months buying overseas.

Generic white boxes are included with these tubes. 

Testing & Matching

Fully tested and/or matched by Gan & Gm on a digital Maxi-Matcher Preamp tube tester. Checked for shorts and other faults as well.

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