NOS Voskhod Rocket 6N23P Singe Wire Gray Shield Soviet 6922 6DJ8 Vacuum Tube

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True NOS Voskhod Rocket 6N23P Singe Wire Gray Shield 6922 6DJ8 Vacuum Tube

This is the most desirable version of the Voskhod Rocket 6N23P with one single grid wire and gray shield. These are legendary tubes and many of today's modern production tubes are modeled after them. These are the direct equivalent of 6922, 6DJ8, ECC88, 7308, E88CC.

Buy them from us, right here in the USA - No need to wait months buying overseas.

Generic white boxes are included with these tubes. 

Testing & Matching

Fully tested and/or matched by Gan & Gm on a digital Maxi-Matcher Preamp tube tester. Checked for shorts and other faults as well.

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