New Psvane KT66GC GEC Genalex Replica

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New Plate Current Tested Psvane KT66GC Vacuum Tube

Modeled directly after the original GEC KT66s, the Psvane KT66GC features the same curved base and stout envelope. Along with smoked glass, the faithfulness to classic KT66s of the past shine through in terms of both construction and sound. These are so close to the original that you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference in a blind test. Psvane put an incredible amount into R&D to make these are 1:1 copy.

Testing and/or Matching

Tested and/or matched at full operating voltage with regulated power supply on a MaxiMatcher tester for both plate current (Ip) and general mutual transconductance (Gm). Our goal is to match within 5% with an upper limit of 10% (15% is the industry limit to consider a set).

A note on Psvane packaging & testing

You are most likely familiar with seeing Psvane tubes sold in proprietary Psvane packaging, factory tested, and/or matched in pre-made sets. In order to provide a wider variety of sets (including singles), we hand-test and match all models that we carry in-house.

Extended Psvane Guarantee

We offer a full one-year guarantee covering functional defects - including noise. The guarantee period begins the day you receive your order.

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