Hi everyone,

We hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! Here is some information on the USPS tracking number situation;

We are seeing large numbers of recycled tracking numbers being given that are still carrying their previous tracking data - if you are someone who has received such a number please know that your package is still being shipped to the address you have provided regardless of what the tracking currently says. Unfortunately the tracking may not update before the package gets delivered to you. Your package is in transit as normal and the tracking will have no effect on the actual delivery of an item. If you require the tracking, or wish to check in on its status, you can still reach out to your local post office! They still have the ability to track the package internally.

Every holiday season, the amount of packages the USPS processes jumps considerably. Every time a shipping label is generated it will also be given a tracking number. Many USPS tracking numbers are actually recycled; which is where this problem can start to appear. Tracking numbers have a lifespan of around four months domestically - although when the number of labels/tracking numbers increases it can outpace the recycling of them. This can play a role in why some people are getting tracking numbers showing their previous tracking data. This typically happens around the lead up / during the holiday season but seems much more prominent this year. 

In short; do not fret if you seemingly have an out-of-date tracking number with old tracking info. It's a known bug and your order is on the way and will be shipped to the correct address provided with your order!

Thanks everybody and happy holidays!

29th Nov 2021 Viva Tubes Crew

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