New Matched Quad (4) Psvane KT88-T Classic MKII II Series Vacuum Tubes

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Quad KT88 Classic
Quad KT88 Classic
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New Plate Current Matched Quad of Psvane KT88-T Classic MKII Series (6550) Vacuum Tubes

As one of the most prominent audiophile vacuum tube manufacturers, Psvane’s designs have established a benchmark for clean and accurate sound reproduction, along with a build quality that matches their sonic performance. Their KT88-T Classic MKII (6550) is famous for balancing full-fidelity warmth with a balanced clarity throughout the audio spectrum.



We offer a special extended 1 year guarantee (from the date of receipt) on these tubes


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KT88-T Classic Series MKII
Brand New
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2 Reviews

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    Closest thing to Tube Nirvana I can afford!

    Posted by Charles Shay on 6th Jan 2022

    I bought this quad a couple months ago. I installed them in a Jolida/Black Ice 3502s. The Black Ice will accept EL34’s or 6550’s and all their alternates. I have used cheap Chinese tubes, Wlnged C’s, Tung Sol KT150’s, electro harmonix 6550’s, Psvane EL34’s and Gold Lion KT 88’s. With almost 100 hours break-in I’d say thanks to the Psvanes KT88’s I’m about done tube rolling. These tubes aren’t cheap but hold great value for the sound they produce. We all have different hearing abilities and interpretations of music but I can guarantee that these Psvane KT88 MK II’s will improve whatever you have been hearing. Also want to give VivaTubes a big thanks. They knock themselves out with customer service. Great inventory. Great matching. Great packaging and shipping.They also guarantee these Psvannes a full year! Takes the edge off the bite, for sure. I will shop tubes no where else.

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    Posted by Brian on 14th Apr 2021

    I bought these I believe in October when I purchased my Willsenton R8. I can only compare them to the stock power tubes. Swapping them out definitely made a difference. The upper mid range was a little hard and this moved it out I also felt like it probably had a bit better base and just imaging in general. Having said that, I did not A/B these to some other well-known tubes such as the Gold Lions. Based on Thomas & Stereo opinion of EL34 sound in the R8 (vs KT88), I’m gonna try the Genelex KT77s because I have Tekton DIs and I need tighter bass—not bigger bass.

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