New Psvane 5U4G Vacuum Tube

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New Psvane 5U4G Vacuum Tube

A directly heated full-wave shouldered 5U4G by Psvane. This is the best sounding and most reliable 5U4G available. Don't starve your amplifier of power - this rectifier delivers stable performance. Replaces the 5Z3P, 274B and others. Electrically these will replace a 5U4GB but they are larger and may not fit in some amplifiers. 

Testing and/or Matching

Tested and/or matched by emissions on a fully calibrated Hickok TV-7 tube tester. We always TRY to match by 5% when we can (90% of the time) but our cut-off matching parameter is +/- 15%.

A special note on factory matching

Psvane tubes are frequently sold only with factory matching or in proprietary Psvane packaging (ie. specially boxed pairs). We still screen, test, and match nearly all Psvane tubes ourselves in-house to our own high standards. This also allows us to offer them in different configurations such as matched trios or octets.

Extended Guarantee

We offer a full 1 year guarantee from the date of receipt which covers the basics like functionality as well as noise.

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