300+ Vintage Audio Transformers Added

300+ Vintage Audio Transformers Added

Today we listed another round of vintage transformers. Last year, we filled two 22' u-haul trucks with vintage audio parts, of which almost half were transformers. You can only imagine how much work that was and how much the trucks were sagging when we were done with a VERY long weekend. We have been chugging away listing them and this is the next round. I think all that hard work as well worth it!

There are some really nice Power, Output and Choke transformers in this lot. Check them out here!

Stay tuned for more 450+ new listings of vintage tubes including Brimar CV1947 and over hundreds of 12AT7s. 

We will also continue to list transformers and parts. We have at least 400 more transformers and thousands and thousands of capacitors, NOS coils, resistors, chassis, knobs and pretty much any part you can think of coming later this year. We'll be listing these parts for at least a few years. 

5th Dec 2018 Dave Mell

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