Fresh Electro-Harmonix and Sovtek tubes back in stock!

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. 

Fan favorites are back! Tested and ready to go. Take a look below at what is back in stock!

Electro-Harmonix 6CA7 Fat Bottle

America's answer to the EL34. With more bottom end mixed with solid mids and highs; the EHX 6CA7 is a great choice to switch up your sound.

Electro-Harmonix 12AX7

A tube that has become the standard, known for its high gain, excellent mids, and bass. With a spiral wound filament like the vintage 12AX7A or 7025 counterparts. 

Sovtek 6L6WXT+

Created and modeled after the classic RCA 6L6GC black plate tubes, the Sovtek 6L6WXT+ improves on past construction. With upgrades to help rid of microphonics such as mica spacers used in conjunction with metal springs, the 6L6WXT+ is an excellent improvement over the very best vintage 6L6s had to offer.

Sovtek 5751

Tonally rich, robustly engineered, and well-suited for the demanding audiophile or musician. The Sovtek 5751 is noted for its lack of distortion.

8th May 2020

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