Website update. September 2018.

Welcome to our new website!

For a long time now, there have been several issues that have plagued us and we are happy to announce that most of these issues have been resolved. Previously, the layout and design were flawed and it was hard to navigate. Most of the changes that we made improve functionality. We are still working on the design and graphics, which was also improved but the largest changes are to the back-end. 

We would greatly appreciate any comments or concerns with the new website. If something doesn't work - please let us know! You can email


* Added more shipping options and changed over to a system that uses actual weight to calculate prices fairly. This also means combined shipping is automatic and always fair.

* One-Page Checkout

* Complete re-design of navigation, categories and menus

* Updated all products to be optimized for our search engine

* Updated our search-engine though it does still sometimes display irreverent results. 

* Updated the shopping cart experience

We hope that you enjoy the site and look forward to serving our customers. We will be updating the visual design on a running basis so stay tuned for more changes!

30th Aug 2018 Dave Mell (owner - VIVA TUBES)

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