Get up to $25 in store credit by writing an article for Viva Tubes

VIVA TUBES needs your help.

Earn a store credit for writing an article or review for us!

We want to add a learning resource for beginners and experts alike on our website. Looking for those knowledgeable in the tube or audio fields to contribute.

We need people to write articles, write-ups, tube reviews, guides etc. Really we are looking for anything related to tubes or audio.

If you write us an article and we use it on the website you will be credited for your work as the author of the article or write-up and will retain all rights to your content.

We are giving away store credits for our website with no minimum purchase amount.

$10 store credit for an article at least 2000 characters.

$15 store credit for any article at least 5000 characters

$25 store credit for any article at least 5000 characters + 2 original pictures

Store credits may be used in any category on our website EXCEPT New Production Tubes.

As long as it's tube related the topic can be anything but some ideas are:

* How to determine a NOS or used tube despite what the seller says

* Common, easy to troubleshoot issues like noise and microphonics

* All about EIA codes, date codes and how to tell where your tube was really made

* Tube rolling shootouts for popular types like 12AX7, 6L6

* All about biasing power tubes and why it's important

* Tube substitution charts for popular preamp tubes like 12AX7/12BZ712AV7 or 12AY7/12AV7/12AT7

* Guide on New Production tubes, the brands and factories

* Write ups on interesting gear

* Pictures or scans of to find vintage articles on tubes or gear

Please email your name, phone number and submissions to us at